Lumbar disc disease is known as one of the most important problems that we face. This can be very painful, affecting our daily lives and reducing our business performance. Beside the loss of work power, the prolongation of the event may lead us to a major surgical intervention, and it may disrupt our mental health with an uncomfortable life style.

Now, via the use of high technology, it is not only possible to cure this disease completely without any progress of disease but it is also possible to treat it successfully via a method known as hydrodiscectomy which is a minimally invasive method saving patient from a risky operation. It is possible to cure the lumbar disc disease with water. Using the high technology, the disk between the lumbar vertebrae can be cured by fragmentation and aspiration of the disc. After watching the video, the method can be better understood which may be most appropriate way of your treatment.

What are the types of Lumbar Disc Disease?

Disc Degeneration and Black Disc

The number of intervertebral discs in the lumbar region is 6, including T12-L1, L1-2, L2-3, L3-4, L4-5 and L5-S1. Each of these discs may lose their water content at the same time, either alone or in more than one disc. Disc material may become soft and disc may seen black in MR imaging. We call it Disc Degeneration or Black Disc. Such discs cause back pain when you are constantly doing business. These are the reasons for chronic back pain. Under normal conditions, these discs are not operated with open surgical methods. Hydrodiscectomy is very successful in the treatment of this kind of Lumbar Disc Disease.

Annular Tear

One or two of these six discs may be torn due to reasons such as heavy lifting, trauma, or improper waist movement. Tearing in the disc capsule causes severe pain which restricts all movements of the patient. In this kind of disease the treatment of the patient takes a long time. Under normal conditions, these discs are not operated with open surgical methods. Hydrodiscectomy is a very successful method in the treatment of this kind of Lumber Disk Disease.

Disc Bulging

In the case of disk degeneration, disk bulging or anomalous tear as described above, bulging of the disc capsul at the back of vertebra body is called bulging. Bulging usually responsible from chronic back pain. It usually does not cause a neurological problem but the patient has a constant back pain. Hydrodiscectomy is very successful in the treatment of this kind of Lumbar Disk Disease.

Disk Protrusion

Disk protrusion is known as conditions such as coming out more disk material out of the disc than bulging, spinal canal narrowing and right or left nerve root compression due to disease. Disc protrusion is treated with microsurgery or open conventional surgical methods. However, thanks to hydrodiscectomy technology, which makes possible to treat the disc protrusion without any need of microsurgery or open surgical procedures. Patients can be successfully treated with hydrodiscectomy and return to their work by the next day.

Disk Extrusion

This problem is completely different from the disk damage as described above, and means that the disk material has come out of completely from the torn capsule. When disk extrusion is developed, treatment is usually microsurgery. Our physicians also recommend a minimally invasive method known as transforaminal endoscopic discectomy for disc extrusions. You can get necessary information from your doctor.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will you reach the treatment of the Lumbar Disc Disease with hydrodiscectomy?

Thorough our website http://www.hidrodiskektomi.com and email address info@hidrodiskektomi.com, you can contact us and we'll let your doctor know about you. Your doctor consults the patient's MRI images on CD online for free. Regarding this subject you can contact us by mail and by phone at +90 .......................... both via WhatsApp and direct call . The information you need will be provided by our assistant on phone and then an online connection will be provided with your doctor for a free consultation . After it is decided that you are a suitable patient for hydrodiscectomy, your assistant will make an appointment for you and you will be able to go to the next step.

How will you get an appointment?

You can get your appointment via e-mail, direct telephone or WhatsApp. However, email is preferred method since it is written proof of request.

Who will meet you at the airport?

We have VIP vehicles with private drivers who meet our patients at İstanbul Sabiha Gökçen or İstanbul Atatürk Airport. Upon your arrival, your assistant will meet you at the airport exit and and bring you to your accommodation point.

Where am I going to stay?

Your stay will be at Hotel and the conditions of accommodation will be determined as specified in your contract. The accommodation enviroment can be changed due to your wishes. In addition, a different Hotel may be arranged for you, please indicate it in your correspondence.

Which hospital will I be treated for?

Your assistant will inform you about the hospital you will be treated during the interview and you will be more enlightened about the details. We treat our patients at standardized hospitals as A+ which has all the technological equipment.

Who will be my doctor?

Hydrodiscectomy surgeries are performed by our physicians who have been working in Turkey for years and are currently working as neurosurgeon. Your assistant will notify you during the interview about the doctor's web pages and medical studies which you can have necessary information.

How long will I stay in the hospital?

You should be hospitalized 4 hours before the surgery. The necessary laboratory examinations will be done and you will be consulted in the related branches according to your needs. You can walk out of the hospital 2 hours after the hydrodiscectomy operation is done. There is no restriction. Our VIP vehicle will bring you to your Hotel.

What should I do after I discharged?

After you are discharged, you will be transfered from the hospital to your hotel and you will spend the day at your hotel.

Can I make a short touristic trip in Istanbul after leaving the hospital?

Of course we can also consult you on this topic.

Will I have a guide During my Touristic Trip?

The next day you can have touristic activities in Istanbul. You can go shopping and if you want, you can do it with a tourist guide provided by our company.

When my doctor will visit me again?

On the 4th day of the operation, your doctor will see you again. Your examinations and your last checks will be done. He will give you the necessary information about returning to your country and will give you information about the important points which you should take care in your new life.

When can I return to my country?

After your last checks are done on the 4th day of operation you can return to your country.


  • Tamer A. 45 M

I have been waking up in the morning with stiff back and back pain for almost three years. I had to take painkillers constantly because of my pain. Driving in the mornings has always been like a torture for me. I learned hydrodiscectomy through the internet. I asked if the operation was right for me. I applied immediately when my doctor stated that it might be appropriate for me. Now I am very comfortable when I am going to work or driving a long way. I was very pleased. My wife and me are also more peaceful now. I would recommend anyone with back pain.

  • Semra C. 33 F

I'm a housewife. I've been suffering from back pain and lumbar disc disease for 5 years. I was very angry due to people who do not take care me seriously. I could not work comfortably and unable to meet the needs of my home even in simple and easy things. I had doubts about having hydrodiscectomy surgery. I was scared. But now I better understand that my decision was right. I'm now comfortableand happy in my home. I can take care of my children better. I would advise hydrodiscectomy for suitable patients.