What is Mentamove Rehabilitation Technique?


Mentamove® is a micro processor controlled medico technik device, which does EMG triggered electrical stimulation (EMG-triggered) on the muscles. It is called as Brain Efficiency Training. The resourcers and healing ability of the brain come from neuroplaticity. The aim of the Mentamove® Method is, to treat and recovery to the voluntary motor functions (paralysis after stroke, brain injury, tumors, craniocerebral trauma i.e.) what are seen after brain damage. The basis of the methode is Ideomotorik Training, and gives results of the motor cortical reorganisation and and developes of the new synaptic pathways in the brain. The patient goes to improve and relearned to kontrol and use of the affected extremity. It gives recovery to the kontrol circuit which was disrupted. It should be used 2x20 minutes /daily on the affected muscles how the practioner teached.

It is modern, successful and economical working method in the rehabilitation with patients with central paralyses in the member masses such as z. B.

After impact accumulation, head cerebral trauma, brain tumor operations, early childhood brain damage and with Multiple Sklerose.

Mentamove® is to be used user-friendly and in the best way at home by the patient. Mentamove® can be still after years the patient a meaningful assistance for the improvement of its disease condition. Mentamove® is used as valuable additives working method. Mentamove® can make it for the patient possible again social contacts to maintain and everyday activities implement. Mentamove® can contribute to it disease costs reduce and medicines reduce. Goals of the Mentamove® method: Increase of the quality of life Reduction of the Spasticy Increase of the concentration ability and motivation Initiate/re+learn and/or improve improvement of the write ability of arbitrariness functions and the Finemotorik in the member masses (arms and legs) e.g., hold a full glass Reduce from damages such as pain in the shoulder joint, which resulted from false attitudes Preservation of remainder functions with MS.

The Mentamove® Method: How it works?

The Mentamove Method is used for rehabilitation of patients with cerebral paralysis after brain lesion. (See: Indications/Contrindications). The fundamental basis for the Mentamove Method is the Mental Practice of Motor Skills, better known as MPOMS or ideomotor training. The Mental Practice of Motor Skills is an auto-suggestive method based on psychological intervention. An action or a motor skill is mentally practiced by the subject without executing the real movement. With the assistance of the Mentamove Method, the disrupted control loop of voluntomotoricity is closed by mental practice.

In theory, the sequence of events unfolds as follows: The Mentamove Method works by detecting the attempts to move a muscle group sent from the brain. These attempts are shown in the display as significant increases in the signal over "normal" or relaxed muscle activity. The built-in computer accurately distinguishes between regular muscle activity and real attempts. When a real attempt (the trigger/offset level) is reached, the unit "rewards" the patient with a few seconds of muscle contraction, where the visual and sensory (proprioceptive) feedback serves as an important element in relearning the movement. This is similar to the well known learning technique of classical conditioning in Pavlov's experiment with his salivating dog. The Mentamove Method also prompts the patient to relax just as often and experience has shown that this element is significant in learning to control a muscle group.

The Mentamove detects attempts even below where trace movements are visible (It picks up to a bare minimum of 2 microvolts!). Several patients have found this capability to be very motivating as they saw they could make a difference, where they before had no indication of their attempts.

Usage: The Mentamove Method is normally used twice a day in intervals of approximately 15-20 minutes. Longer intervals are not common and unadvisable, since concentration and focus is the key to achieving better control of motor functions. The Mentamove adjusts automatically to the levels produced by each patient and to each new session. This makes the Mentamove Method effective both for patients with spasticity/muscle tone as well as patients with flaccid extremities. No programming is necessary - just attach three electrodes, turn the unit on, set the muscle contraction (reward), and trigger values - and begin your journey to recovery!

Mentamove® has been successfully providing its "Brain Efficiency Training" Device and Program in Europe for almost 20 years. Now with FDA approval, this class II device is just being introduced into the North American Market. Mentamove® completes the loop of the Central Nervous system with a combination of EMG, Biofeedback, Muscle Stimulation and Mental Training, which leads to relearned movement in the affected area. We are talking about movements created by the mind, not by moving the patients hand. You will have to see it.

Mentamove® - the therapy: The private institute for Reha - applications has developed a therapy method for patients with neurological deficits which bases on a process steered by the brain. At the Mentamove® method the brain gives after a imagined and pictorially movement the impulse for the execution of this movement. The Mentamove® device measures the impulses still arriving at the muscle. If an individual marginal value is reached, the Mentamove device switches over to a stimulation. The muscle actually executes this imagined movement , the execution of the movement is reported back to the brain and stored there. The learning process has therefore been carried out in the brain.

Natural order: Planning-movement, command-realisation of the movement- the re-registration closes the control loop of voluntomotoricity interrupted before.

Conclusion: Mentamove® goes back to the very own method and mode of operation of the brain. The desired learning process is promoted considerably better than this is the case at conventional therapy forms with that only the muscle is stimulated without any learning process in the brain. With Mentamove® the therapy has another approach, the starting point of the illness, the central nervous system. Due to these connections which are covered in many scientific studies Mentamove® is demonstrably successful. The success rate of Mentamove® is over 84% with over 10.000 patients. Mentamove, the method which gives patients courage again. In the course of our life we learn language, movement, emotions and much more. The brain steers this process, so what we learn and how we learn. If the brain suffers a damage due to illness, operation or accident, movement functions in the limbs are cancelled. The central nervous system can structure itself newly, presupposed the patient seizes self-initiative himself.

Aims of the Mentamove-Method:

    Rise of the quality of life
    Initiation/re-learning and/or improving voluntary functions in the extremities
    Motivating the rehabilitant
    Reducing secondary damage, e.g. pains in the shoulder joint, semi-dislocation of the shoulder joint
    Muscle tone control (reducing spasticity)

We would like to help patients even the stroke was many years ago.

Mentamove® - The Device

The Mentamove device is equipped with the most modern chip technology to support the therapy method optimally. Despite the simplest serviceability and relatively low size the device contains two computers and highly sensitive measuring technique. Some functions are equipped with technology from the space research. The device was therefore developed in cooperation with the DASA and also is produced there. The Mentamove-method is listed and appreciated in the aid list. The Mentamove device has all admittances in Germany and in the western industrial nations also as the american approval FDA.

For 20 years Mentamove is used successfully in the rehabilitation for patients with paralyses after central damages, e.g after

  • Stroke
  • Craniocerebral trauma
  • Brain tumor-operations
  • Brain damage in early childhood
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Incomplete spinal cord injury
  • Peripheric Nerve and Spinal Root Lesions

Is the Mentamove method comparable with Biofeedback?

No. The Mentamove method is a brain efficiency training. The patient imagines concentratedly a meaningful movement, e.g. with his paralyzed arm. Impulses which arrive at the muscle responsible for the movement are realized by Mentamove into a stimulation (movement = reward). At the Biofeedback method the patient must use his rest functions or tense the corresponding muscles.

Can I practice also at home with Mentamove?

Yes. Mentamove is user-friendly and is optimum for use in the patient´s home. The device is self settling and adapts itself to the patient individually so that no attitudes are necessary. The plant of the electrodes is shown to the patient exactly and is then simply to handle. My physiotherapist told me that I should not expect more improvements. Is he right?

No. This statement makes the patient discouraged. In any case you should make an application prooftesting, whether Mentamove is suitable for you. Please call us, we will answer to you questions. We also like to inform your therapist if he doesn't work with Mentamove yet.

My stroke was several years ago. Will the Mentamove-method work for me?

Yes. Mentamove can be used effectively immediatley after the event as well as years thereafter. This shows the study Crisan R. & Garner Ch. 2000, The effectiveness of EMG-initiated electro stimulation in patients who had suffered a stoke more than 1 year previously. Neurological & Geriatric Rehabilitation Clinic, Rottal Foundation, Bad Griesbach. Also there are many refference patients from Turkey MD Mustafa Akgun, who is Mentamove Specialists owerall 10 years. His experiences introduced the mentamove therapy to treath fascial paralysis, incomplete spinal cord paralysis, Brown Sequard Syndrome, Reflec Sympathetic Dystrophia, (Sudeck Atrophy), he showe the brain reorganisation under of fMRI technique at the year 2003. Brachial Plexus injury, peripheral nevre injured patients treathed with mentamove successfully…

Is the Mentamove-method similar to TENS – devices?

No. TENS is a purely electrical stimulation and is used for the pain treatment. Not muscle reeducation and brain reorganisation. Pain management is not a rehabilitation program.

When is the stimulation carried out?

The stimulation is only carried out when an increased electrical activity is made by the own purposeful imagination of the patient at the corresponding muscles. The Mentamove measures this and release a movement as a reward.

Are there any contra-indications for this method?

YES. Mentamove shouldn't be used during pregnancy and by patients with heart pacemaker.

In which cases doesn't the Mentamove therapy work?

When a patient is not cognitively intact, confused, not able to concentrate on simple tasks or is simply not motivated. On uncuncious patients you should ask to your doctor how the mentamove can use. (Dr. Mustafa Akgun who is a Neurosurgery and Mentamove Specialist has many experiences on the unconcious patients treatment)

Is the handling with Mentamove complicated?

No. The process of a 15-20-minute exercise with Mentamove is as follows:

3 exercise phases:

    Please relax: when the white lamp is seen the subject should relaxed maximally without any muscle activation on the side.
    Mental activity: introducing a meaningful movement with the paralyzed limbs only mentally. The subject should think to do a movement as originally doing.
    Stimulation activity: only if the movement was introduced concentratedly and the impulses of the brain have arrived at the aim muscle mentamove gives a stmulus to the muscle and the movement realised.

Is exercising with Mentamove painful?

NO. You feel a very pleasant stimulation and a pleasant tickling and find the electrical impulse "soft".

Are the electrodes attached to the head?

No. The electrodes are attached on the muscles, responsible for the desired movements.

Must the batteries be changed and how often?

No battery change is necessary. Load the Mentamove device with the Mentamove - plug every 2-3 days.

How often do I need to replace the electrodes?

A set of electrodes can be used at daily 2-times repeated application for 1 month.

The Mentamove centers are practices, therapy centers and clinical complexes which optimize their conventional therapies with the Mentamove method. Patients find there therapists, trained on Mentamove, who inform the patient about the method and carry out a prooftesting to the application of the Mentamove method. In these Mentamove centers therapists stand aside the patients to the monthly testing and therapy optimization. Our aim is helping the patients with this successful therapy. The Mentamove centers support us.

For More Information About Mentamove Please visit our web site www.mentamove.com.tr

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