So my and my mom got sick of the nuerologists telling us it was mental when we knew it wasn't. SO we started looking on our own! We went to see that chiropractor for a different perspective. When we first started, he took an x-ray of my neck. He found a subluxation in my c1-c2 vertebrea and started working on it immediatly. After 11 months with the adjustments I was completely seizure free. I was about to get the ok to drive and everything. But we stopped going to the chiropractor. It had been 12 weeks since we had seen him.

Something must have happened to my neck, because the seizures started coming back. But it was much worse then it was before. I started getting these splitting headaches beforehand. It was so bad all I could do was sit there and hold my head. My seizures were increasing. They started going back to back. One week alone I had 32 seizures. After a whole night of me seizing, we got sick of it. We felt that we had the proof that someting was wrong with my neck. So we drove about 30 minutes to the learning medical hospital ER (MUSC) and told them what was wrong. They took one look at my chart and dismissed us in 20 minutes, telling us to go speak to my therapist. They wouldn't even listen to what we had to say.

So we took our information, the MRI pictures we had of my neck, other case studies of the correlation between cervical spine problems and seizures to the General Practioner. We told him that we had done our own range motion test and that when i turned my head to the right, something was off. It wouldn't go straight right. It tilted slightly right thenup and backwards. When I did that, my eyes rolled into the back of my head and I fell straight into a seizure.

He agreed with our thesis and told us it was a great posiiblility. He told us to keep going to the chiropractor and started me on Lyrica. I think it's a partial compressed spinal cord and when I turn a certain way it causes me to go into an Atypical partial seizure. Due to the pain in my frontal lobe and my inability to speak. Plus I have cervical headaches, that is caused by the same two vertebrea.

IS THERE ANYONE else out there that has had this medical problem. A problem with their neck and having seizures? I found a couple case studies but I want someone who goes through this too.

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